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TresClean Project Videos

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Initiated by ALPhANOV and the University of Parma (UNIPR), the TresClean project funded by the European Union (H2020), brings together academic and industrial partners. The TresClean project aims to develop, by laser texturing, antimicrobial surfaces using high-power ultra short lasers.

These innovative surfaces, made without further chemical treatment, are intended for various applications such as the creation of a self-cleaning and aseptic surface for the food packaging industry or for large appliances.

As part of this project, ALPhANOV will develop laser processes based on lips (Light induces periodic Surface Structures) to modify the wettability of treated surfaces to make them hydrophobic or super hydrophobic. The laser used to achieve the specified processing speeds can deliver up to 350W of medium to very high cadence (few MHz) and with sub-PS pulse times. This laser will be associated with a polygonal scanner developed by the company RAYLASE allowing to move the laser beam at speeds exceeding 100 m/s.

Watch these two short videos produced by TresClean partner ALPhANOV to learn more about what is happening within the project: