• TresClean

Publications from the University of Stuttgart

Our TresClean partner, the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT), have published two scientific articles regarding processes carried out in the TresClean project.

The first article tilted "Scaling the productivity of laser structuring processes using picosecond laser pulses at average powers of up to 420 W to produce superhydrophobic surfaces on stainless steel AISI 316L" was published in Scientific Reports. For this article USTUTT investigated the approach to scale up the productivity of the laser-based generation of superhydrophobic surfaces by means of increased average laser powers to enhance the surface structuring rates. Check out the full article here.

The second article, in which USTUTT investigate process scaling, is tilted "Heat accumulation controlled surface functionalization of stainless steel with structuring rates up to 500 mm2/s" and was published in Procedia CIRP. Check out the full article here.