• TresClean

New cutting-edge equipment in the laser-machining system fleet of ALPhANOV

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Within the frame of the TresClean project, ALPhANOV acquired a new tangor-350 W laser and a customised motorised scanning system. The laser runs at central wavelength of 1030 nm and can deliver up to 350 W of average power at very high repetition rate (up to 13 MHz) with pulse duration of 500 femtoseconds.

The laser is connected to a polygonal scanner, developed by RAYLASE, also partner of the TresClean project, allowing the laser beam to move at an exceeding speed of more than 100m/s.

The Tangor laser is connected to a complete, fully motorized scanning system for the laser machining of molds. The system, realised by ISP Aquitaine, consists of an automated 3-axes mechanical movement with linear run up to 700mm. The texturing laser processes developed within the frame of the TresClean project are expected to be used for multiple purposes like packaging tubes treatment for (Photos provided by ALPhANOV)

liquid food, or for injection molds of all kinds

of household appliances.